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Business Memo Template

A business memo is an internal memorandum circulated in an office with news for the company staff. It could contain news of the company’s latest achievements or products; it could convey new regulations and policies that the company has confirmed in adopting.

A business memo is usually sent from the top authority of the organization to all levels below. It could also be sent within a department from the department head to its department staff on matters with regards to that particular department only.

A business memo can also be sent between departments that require some cooperation on some office matters. Inter-department memos are usually by the department heads.

The business memo template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo


* To:

* From:

* C.C.

* Date:

* Subject:

The header portion lists the main recipients which usually address the department heads or staff at the ‘TO:’ section. The originator of this memo would identify him/herself with his/her name at the ‘FROM:’ section. A ‘C.C.’ section, which refers to ‘Carbon Copy’, lists the authorities who should be kept in the loop for the vested interest in the project or event between the departments.

The Subject section states the overview or topic of the information disseminated.

The template’s body allows the sender to state the desired information to be conveyed to the memo’s recipients. The business memo can be regarded as a formal document in the office.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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