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Business Plan Proposal Template

A company needs to continually seek for new business to continue its existence. It cannot depend on old accounts only as the competition increases by the day. Hence, it is crucial to draw up excellent business plan proposals to improve on its business offerings.

It may need to relook at its existing business plan to understand the existing weaknesses and strengths to improve its operation.

A business plan proposal can be done in-house or out-sourced. If it is an in-house activity, the business managers need to be involved in the exercise. If it is out-sourced, the team involved must be professional business coaches who can identify the company’s business operations clearly to propose better solutions to enhance the company’s business operations and offerings to bring in more profit.

The stiff business competition compels many companies to consider re-drawing their business plan proposal every few years. Technology advances and change of customer needs over time require the company to change their way of doing business.

A business plan proposal template is dependent on the proposer. It may be in a formal write up or a report submitted for the company management’s perusal and consideration:

* Company Name & Address

* Date

* Background of business plan team

* Objective of business plan proposal

* Scope of Plan

* Procedures

* Training and Testing

* Conversion and Post Conversion activities

* Benefits

* Software Recommendations

* Costs

* Equipment

* Software

* Service

* Training

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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