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Business Plan Template for Restaurant

Before a restaurant opens for business, it requires a good business plan. A business plan is its direction or recipe for success. It keeps the business focused on the needs and funds. As a restaurant is meant to make a profit when it opens its doors for business, its business plan would tend to be financially inclined.

It would want to identify its assets, liabilities, and equities carefully to be ensured of a positive working model. It must have sufficient capital and resources to drive the business, as a lot of investment is involved.

A business plan for a restaurant would record its financial amounts, buildings and property, goodwill, taxes, expenses, debt, equities and earnings. There may be other pieces of important data that a restaurant would want to record in its business plan and consider the viability of opening for business.

A business plan template for a restaurant can contain the following types of information:

* Company Name & Address

* Mission & Vision Statements

* Objective of business plan

* Shareholders / Stakeholders

* Capital Required

* Current Assets

* Building & Property

* Taxes

* Current Liabilities

* Debt

* Total Liabilities

* Total Assets

* Equity

* Resources

* Expected Profit/Loss

The business plan for a restaurant needs to be accurate and feasible to sustain a medium range operation, such as five years. Otherwise, the restaurant is very likely to fold under quickly.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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