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Business Project Proposal Template

Businesses survive by securing sales and transactions that bring in revenue. Sometimes, businesses need to source for sales and transactions instead of waiting for the opportunities to come by. A business project is a good option for business to thrive on if it is secured, but with the heavy competition in business today, many organizations will need to put in a well written business project proposal to be considered for the project.

Hence, a business project proposal is a very crucial piece of document that must be designed and done up extremely well. Its contents must reflect accurately the professionalism and expertise of the bidding organization so that it will be chosen to handle the business project.

A business project proposal can contain the following sections information:

* Introduction of Company

* Description of project

* Objective of project

* Relationship to the Strategic plan

*Membership segment / External Audience

* Project Deliverables

* Project Scope & Execution


When the business project proposal is well written out, it reflects the full understanding of the project by the bidding organization to the tendering party. Thus, there is more confidence to award the business project to the bidding organization that conveys a higher degree of expertise and confidence in the proposed project so that there will be a greater chance of success on the project.

A business project proposal that is well written will not need to be revised repeatedly.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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