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A company continues to thrive when it has sufficient businesses that bring in enough revenue. Hence, companies need to take the extra effort to source for sales by submitting business proposals to other companies, offering their products and services.

There may be many kinds of business proposal in the business world today; the competition is heavy as there are also many companies sprouting up. Hence, a business proposal must be well written to catch the attention of the receiving party unless you are servicing a niche market.

A business proposal template is dependent on the type of services or products that your company is offering. It functions like a quotation document where you propose your best prices for your products and services to your potential client. You can record the following columns of information on a business proposal template for easy viewing.

* Company Name & Address

* Potential Client’s Name & Address

* Date

* Quotation Number

The body of the business proposal template for products can be in column format where the quantity of items can be listed out easily for identification. Other information includes:

* Description of item

* Price per unit

* Sub-total

* Taxes

* Total

Some terms and conditions may also be included on a business proposal at the bottom, such as “Quotation valid for 30 days”. The proper signatory and contact information should be included at the bottom of the business proposal for easier identification and follow up.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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