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All businesses need to be guided by some regulations or policies; whether these are state/nation imposed or company’s own. A business rule states the constraints of the business which are meant to limit the business in some aspects so that the business can be better managed, as no business can do everything.

The business rule is to restrict the business in its operations, boundaries, definitions and authority in its scope of business and operations. Business rules are applicable to all types of resources, be it human or equipment; they can include processes, systems, and corporate behavior in the organization. But they should be targeted to assist the company in achieving its goals.

A business rule can be informal or unwritten but it is best to be otherwise for transparency and accountability sakes. Goals will be easier to achieve when the business rules identify the obstacles to be removed, unnecessary expenditure or marketing errors.

Hence, a business rule template registers:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Dataset Title

* ANZLIC Identifier

* Custodian Agency

* Executive Custodian

* Operational Custodian

* Position Title

* Division

* Contact information

The exact business rules can be in a separate table of query listing:

* Test

* Table

* Field

* Query

The business rules can be checked for viability via an Artificial Intelligence Query System where the above columns allow the user to key in the preferred conditions, and the system generates the results of the query.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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