Bylaws Templates

Bylaws Template

There can be many types of bylaws that one can use for its function but the main ones are company and society bylaws. A bylaw is a statement of how the said entity; that is the company or non-charitable organization, is to function within its means. A bylaw can be quite simple for a young organization without much details whereas a more mature organization will require changes or updates to its existing bylaws as issues or aspects are raised by its members or the law of the state/country.

The bylaws template should include the name of the organization for clear identification of reference with its purpose stated clearly and accurately.
The specific details of its objectives can be listed out for reference. It should also appoint or come under the relevant jurisdiction which functions as the organization’s advisory council. Members of the organization need to be clearly stated on their positions and roles in the organization.

As monies are involved, the amounts and purposes are to be clearly recorded and identified. Since the organization functions similarly to a club or society, it needs to record its fiscal year in its bylaws document.

Hence, a bylaws template records the following structure:

* Organization Name

* Project Name

* Focus Area

* Product/Process

* Document Owner

* Prepared by

* Project/Organizational role

* Project Charter Version Control

* Version

* Date

* Author

* Change Description

The bylaws template takes note of any changes made.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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