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Calendar Planner Template

A calendar planner is very useful as it allows the user to plan events that are important. It not only records the dates and days of the month; it also has the times of the day to allow the user to be reminded of the time which an event is to be performed.

It is up to the user to select the date for each time column for an event to be performed as there may not be an urgent activity every day. There are many ways to compose a calendar planner, depending on the available space.

A calendar planner template would contain the following information:

* Year

* Month

* Dates of the month

* Days of the month

* Time columns

The time columns can be as many as space permits. The times can commence at any time which is preferred by the user; however, many calendar planners begin their time columns from 7am till 6pm on an hourly basis, although half-hourly basis are also common. There may be a column to cater for the night labeled “Evening”. Hence, a calendar planner is usually designed for work with work hours columns.

A bigger calendar planner will allow for more space to record the upcoming events at the specified times columns so that the user will not forget what tasks need to be done. A calendar planner can be colorful and of different fonts to make it more attractive to the user.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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