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Calendar Template

Calendars are important records of dates used to track the day of each month of the year. A Calendar template can come in a big sheet or as a table calendar prop with different months on different pages.

The big sheet calendar gives an overview of the whole year’s dates but offers little writing space. The table calendar format allows more space for the user to record notes on each day of the month. An overview of the month’s events is easily noted. However, it may require some effort to flip the pages to compare the different months’ events on a table calendar. A calendar template can be quite simple with the necessary information on it or it can contain some pictures or motivational words at the bottom.

The calendar template can have the following columns of information:

* Month of the year

*Days of the week

* Date of the month

The layout of a calendar template is usually in boxes to allow some notes written on the space. The month is stated on the top of each page on a table calendar format. The header columns usually run from “Sunday” on the left most column, followed by “Monday” on its right, to “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday” and “Saturday”. The dates of the month are listed under the Days column for easy reference.

There may be an extra notes column at the end for the user to record special reminders.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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