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Calendars Template 2011

Calendars are very useful to anyone who wants to keep track of the day and date. This is a very helpful tool as time passes very quickly by nowadays. People can be so busy that they tend to forget what day or date it is; hence, they will refer to the calendar for the required information.

Calendars are being printed in all forms and sizes today. There are many designs to choose from; many companies and even individuals choose to have their own calendars customized. 2011 offers so many choice calendars, limited only by the individual or printer’s imagination.

Calendars can be of various sizes: pocket, table, electronic and wall.

The more common 2011 calendars are according to the months of the year where each page displays only one month. A 2011 calendar can display one month on each side of its page if it is a table calendar or half A4 sized. This will cut down on the number of pages required for a twelve month calendar. Alternatively, one page can contain only one month with the back page filled with pictures or motivational words. If it is a company calendar, the products and services of the company can be tastefully displayed on the other side.

All calendars have the corresponding days and dates listed with limited writing space.

The 2011 calendar template will display the following columns:

* Month

* Year

* Dates

* Day

* Colors

* Pictures

* Designs

* Motivational words

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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