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Many call centers require a call log sheet to record the calls it receive daily. This practice allows the call center to monitor the number of calls it receive with regards to its service or business. But today, almost all businesses or organizations have call logs which may be with the office receptionist to record the number of calls an organization receive daily.

A call log records important information for the company to track the types of calls it receive; a call can be a simple enquiry on the company’s services or business, a complaint, a feedback, communication between business associates and most importantly, a business deal.

A call log template can have:

* Company Name & Address

* Caller’s Name & Address

* Caller’s Contact information

* Date of Call

* Call number

* Taken by (receptionist)

* Type of call

* Response

The call log can be better designed to avoid less handwritten notes so that there is better legibility. This can be easily overcome if the computer is used. Otherwise, a paper call log with option boxes for ticking or checking off options is better than handwritten messages, as handwritings may be illegible.

The Response column can have options such as:

* To call back

* Will call back

* Left no message

* Message

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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