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Camping Trip Planner Template

Camping is an exciting time for the camping enthusiasts and the young. But a lot of preparation is required in the planning to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip. Hence, it is wise to take on a camping trip planner when you are planning for a camping trip.

A camping trip planner allows you to have an overview of what is required for the trip as well as lists details of what you have planned and brings to your remembrance what you have left out.

There are many aspects to consider in planning for a camping trip. The main categories of a camping trip planner template are:

1) Possible campgrounds

For choosing the best campground for your trip, you may need to consider:

* Destination name

* Distance

* Travel Time

* Cost

* Reservation required?

* Mode of Transportation

* Availability of Transportation & Parking

* Parking Charges

2) Campground Details

You may want to consider the availability of the following at the campground:

* Food

* Sights

* Activities

* Pets allowed?

* Playground

3) Gears

As it is the outdoor living for the next few days or weeks, you will want to be sure that you have:

* Appropriate Clothing

* Sleeping gear

*Insect repellant

* Cooking utensils

* Emergency supplies

4) Resources

These are the extras that can make your camping trip more comfortable.

*Emergency assistance

*Mode of Payment (cash or credit)

*Maps & GPS


*Availability of WiFi

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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