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Car Receipt Template

If you own a car, you would probably want to sell it off one day for a new one, or for some other reason. When you want to sell off your current car, you will need to issue a car receipt for the buyer.

A car receipt is an important document that acknowledges your intention of selling your car to another individual who is a willing buyer. The document will also acknowledge that you are the rightful owner of the car to be sold.

The car receipt records appropriate statements of declaration on behalf of the seller as in name, car model, license number, standard sales agreed terms and conditions with variations as negotiated between the seller and buyer. Both parties are required to sign on the document as an acknowledgement of the sale with full agreement and no contest now or in the future.

Hence, a car receipt template may have the following categories of information:

* Certification of ownership

* Vehicle details

* Seller’s intention

* Buyer’s information

* Declaration by seller

* Declaration by buyer

* Sales amount

* Transaction Payment

* Signatories

* Date of transaction

The car receipt must record the above information so that there is a formal acceptance of the sale between seller and buyer. The car receipt can also be a legal document where neither party can claim ignorance and contest against the sale later. Hence, it is best to read through the car receipt carefully.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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