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Car Sale Receipt Template

If you can drive, you would probably own a car sometime or other in your life. If you own a car, chances are that you would want to sell it one day. Hence, a car sale receipt is a necessary document in to assist you through the challenging process of selling your car so that there will be no legal difficulties related to your car sale in the future.

A car sale receipt is a simple piece of document which states your intention of selling your car to another individual who is a willing buyer.

The car sale receipt registers the appropriate information on the document where both parties are to sign at the bottom in agreement to the stated conditions related to the sale.

Hence, a car sale receipt template may have the following categories of information:

* Certification of ownership

* Car details

* Seller’s intention

* Buyer’s information

* Declaration by seller

* Declaration by buyer

* Signatories

* Date of transaction

The Certification section records the rightful ownership of the car by seller. The car details such as the model, make, license plate, color and chassis number are stated to confirm the right item to be sold.

The car sale receipt must also state the seller’s right to relinquish his ownership on the car once this transaction is made good with both seller and buyer signatures. Both seller and buyer need to make a formal declaration individually on their agreement to the sale’s terms and conditions.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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