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Case Inserts Template

Everyone who has bought a CD or DVD would have been attracted to its case insert color and pictures. Hence, it is important to consider an appealing case insert for a CD or DVD that you want to purchase as “a picture is worth a thousand words”. You would refer to the case insert for more information about the CD or DVD before making a purchase.

Hence, a case insert on the CD or DVD is very important to the seller or buyer. A seller would want to ensure that the case insert is informative and attractive with the display while the buyer would want to check out what the CD or DVD content is through the case insert.

Therefore, a case insert template would prove very useful for the producer of the CD/DVD. As there are so many thousands of copies of one CD/DVD to be sold on the market, globally and nationally, it is crucial to have a fast production of these inserts; especially when the CD/DVD is a bestseller.

The case insert template can speed up the production of the intended CD/DVD for sale if the design and lay out of information is properly well thought out.

A case insert template may have:

* Front and back inserts

* Different font options

* Various graphics manipulations

* Inclusion of tables and charts

* Choice of lines, colors and borders

* Description of CD/DVD

* Backgrounds

* Synopsis/lyrics

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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