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Cash Receipt Template

When you make a purchase, whether big or small amount, there is usually a receipt given. A receipt is a piece of document that is evidence of the purchase made and paid for. Even if it is a cash sale, there should be a cash receipt to confirm the sales or purchase.

A cash receipt is a very simple piece of document that is very useful to the purchaser to account for his purchases. It simply records the amount paid for the transaction, description of the transaction, name of purchaser, name of seller or person receiving the payment, and approving authority.

Although a cash sale is usually very straightforward, it is sometimes necessary to issue a cash sale receipt to confirm the transaction. This usually happens in big companies such as car accessories stores, DIY stores, home products, entertainment centers, bookstores and other such stores where cash sales are performed.

Hence, a cash receipt template can contain the following information:

* Date

* Cash receipt number

* Amount paid

* Description of payment

* Received from:

* Received by:

* Approved by:

There might be a duplicate copy of a cash receipt for the receiver’s reference.

A cash receipt can also be issued for payment of bills or fees such as tuition fees, music lesson fees and others. Cash receipts can also be accumulated for the purpose of income tax declarations and rebates, as offered by some countries.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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