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A catalog is a piece of document that businesses print to promote its products. It can be a simple A4 page or come in booklet forms, depending on the company and the number of products to be showcased in the catalog.

Catalogs can be printed and distributed on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half-yearly and yearly basis, depending on the company’s objective in promoting its products and services.

Catalogs can come in many forms; it can be on A4 paper backs or booklet forms. They are usually very colorful with lovely pictures of the company’s products displayed beautifully on the pages. There will be some write ups on each product for the reader’s information, with possible pricing displayed.

Some catalogs will also printed the discounts offered to various products and its before and after discount prices so as to entice the reader to buy the products, during a sale or promotion of products.

The catalog template usually contains the following information on its front page:

* Company Name and Address

* Company contact information (phone and email)

* Company logo and mission statement

* Editor’s column

The subsequent pages of a catalog template will display:

* Product picture in color

* Product write-up

* Product price

* Discounts

* Freight Charges

* Taxes / Service charge

There may be some fine print at the bottom of each page of the catalog which spells out the terms and conditions of purchase, such as: ‘no refunds’, ‘cash terms only’ or ‘limited stock’.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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