Envelope Address Template

When you wish to post a letter or any kind of document, you will need an envelope. Most companies have their own pre-printed envelopes with their company name and logo with their address for identification and professionalism.

If the company posts a lot of documents or flyers to its clients, it would be necessary to have its own envelope address template. This is excellent in mass mailing your long customer database to update them on the company’s latest product or service. Although many use the email and websites, a document posted through the mail is more personal. It reflects a professional courtesy of keeping contact with the customers through a letter.

There are many occasions where the company will need to respond to the customer with a physical letter which requires an envelope and an address. The envelope address template is most suitable in generating the customer’s name and full address to be printed on the company’s pre-printed envelope. It may be a standard envelope size or a customized envelope size. The envelope address template will allow you to adjust the envelope measurements to ensure a properly printout of information.

The fonts of the Customer’s name and address can be adjusted. Borders or patterns on the envelope can also be included to enhance the envelope design.

An envelope address template may contain the following:

* Company’s Name

* Company’s Logo

* Company’s Address

* Customer’s Name

* Customer’s Address

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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New Address Template

A lot of people can be frequently moving houses due to new status (like marriage) or relocation due to work. Hence, there will be a change in the home address which needs to be conveyed to family, friends, and even associates.

Hence, a new address template is an important tool to assist the new homeowner to design an appropriate document that contains address information for distribution. It can be a simple piece of document that is as small as a business card.

It can be as creative as preferred by the new homeowner. The new address template can take on the following format:

* Full name of homeowner

* Designation or Title

* New address in full

* Contact number

A new address template can use the following components for better presentation:

* Pictures (of homeowner or new home)

* Colors

* Fonts

It may even have some extra headings or special notes such as:

* Our New Address

* Effective from (Date)

* You are welcome to visit!

The above notes add a special touch to the otherwise plain looking new address cards when distributed. A special note makes the recipient feels welcome to a visit while the effective from (date) information allows the recipient to contact the homeowner at the appropriate time.

The new address card functions similarly to the business card where the recipient may contact the homeowner and stay in touch. It is small enough to be mailed to your mailing list contacts.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Change of Address Template

People may move from one place to another. It is common for people to move house but they would want to update their loved ones, friends and business associates of their change of address so that correspondence and contact can be continued.

Hence, if you are moving house or have moved to another place of stay, it is wise to send off a change of address notification to all your correspondences, even banks and insurance companies so that the relevant mail can be redirected to you. This will save you the hassle of returning to your old place to collect your mail.

The Change of address template can be quite simple as in a letter format:

* Your Name & New Address in full

* Date of Letter

* Recipient’s Name & Address in full

* Body of the template

If you want a generalized notification, you do not need to insert the recipient’s name and full address in the specified column. You can replace that column with ‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN’; hence, the letter can be addressed to all your correspondences according to the recipient’s name on the envelope.

The body of the change of address template basically contains some lines announcing your change of address and directing your recipient’s attention to your new address as specified at the top of the letter. It can note the date in which the new address will become effective.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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Address and Phone books Template

It is a good and important piece of document to record down the address and phone information of family and friends. It may be an electronic world today where many people prefer to store important address and phone information in their mobile phones; but these can be lost easily and hard to retrieve.

It is advisable to list down the important address and phone books information in a safe place, whether on traditional papers, notebooks or electronically.

Some have copies of such important information to avoid loss or damage. The address and telephone information usually go together as you can locate one or the other information easily and quickly.

The Address and Phone books template can have the following basic columns of information:

* First, Middle and Last Name of Correspondence

* Title

* Home Address

* Postcode

* Home Contact number

* Personal mobile phone number

* Email address

Some users prefer to record everything about their correspondence under one location. Hence, an address and phone book template can also include the business information of your correspondence.

* Business Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company contact number

* Fax number

Having your correspondence’s business information will allow you to contact him at work if it is work related.

However, you may want to record further information on a close family or friend such as:

* Nickname

* Spouse’s name

* Birthdates

* Anniversary date

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Address Template

Although it is an electronic world today, many people still prefer to keep track of their family, relatives and friends’ addresses together on paper, in some orderly manner; alternatively, the information can be recorded in the computer using an address template that may favor the physical address book format.

The Address template can have the following columns of information:

* Name of Correspondence

* Address

* Contact number

* House

* Office

* Mobile phone

* Email address

If the user uses today’s advanced technology in keeping track of his list of addresses in the above address template, it is possible for the user to keep adding more addresses to his list without worry, depending only on the available memory space. Today’s advanced technology will enable the address information to be updated and sorted in the desired order for easy searching and locating.

There are many ways to record the correspondence name and address information. Some users may want to include the following information for their convenience:

* Correspondence Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company contact number

Though more space will be incurred, the extra information above allows the user to have the complete profile of his correspondences at one place. A computerized address template can be even more elaborate than the above suggestion. You can also sort your correspondence lists in any manner to locate the required information, such as by postal code, company, or name.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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