Wedding Budget Template

A wedding is always a beautiful event to be expected although lots of preparation needs to be done before the actual date. One of the big factors is the wedding budget, after confirming the wedding date.

The wedding couple must plan their budget well so that the costs will not exceed the budget. There are many aspects of the budget to be considered, such as the wedding apparel, gifts, photography, the wedding venue, wedding program, reception and flowers.

Each section of the wedding budget must be listed in details over all items that will cost with two columns, estimate and actual costs.

A wedding budget template may contain the following sections:

1) Wedding Apparel

* Bride’s gown

* Bride’s accessories

* Groom’s suit

* Bridesmaid’s gown

* Best Man’s suit

* Bride’s change of gowns

* Flower girls’ outfit

* Page boy’s outfit

2) Flowers

* Bridal bouquet

* Bridesmaids’ bouquet

* Flower girls’ basket

* Corsages

* Reception flowers

* Wedding dinner flowers

* Wedding ceremony flowers

3) Wedding Ceremony

* Wedding Venue

* Wedding Program

* Wedding rings

* Pews and venue decoration

* Ushers

4) Wedding Dinner

* Caterer

* Bartender

* Venue

* Parking

* Sound system

* Masters of Ceremony

* Entertainment

* Presentations

* Estimate

* Actual

There may be other aspects which a wedding budget can include, depending on the culture and preferences of the wedding couple. A wedding budget also depends on the budget of the couple.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Personal Budget Template

A budget is very important to most people who wish to live within their means. It is hard to do so nowadays without keeping a tight reign on your income as the cost of living keep increasing.

Hence, any concern individual should exercise a personal budget template to keep track of his/her finances on a monthly or yearly. This type of template will assist the individual in keeping to his budget and cash flow to avoid overspending and falling into unnecessary debt.

Hence, a personal budget template can have the following sections to record the necessary information to monitor your monthly financial status:

* Date

* Income

* Expenses

* Total

* Surplus / Shortfall

There will be many details under each section.

The Income column lists all sources of revenue for the individual:

* Monthly salary

* Savings

* Dividends

* Bank Interests

* Fixed Deposits

The Expenses section notes down areas where the cash flow is impacted:

* Household expenses

* Car related expenses

* Entertainment expenses

* Health expenses

* Home expenses

The Total column records the difference between the Income and Expenses columns to note if there is a surplus or shortfall in the budget.

Each section may have the following columns to record detailed information:

* Budgeted figures

* Actual figures


* Notes

These columns allow the user to record and track how each section is being utilized as the month goes by.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Home Budget Template

A budget is a very important tool in any business or individual as money is required to sustain living as well as a lifestyle. Even the home requires a budget so that the finances will not be misused or unnecessary credit is exercised.A home budget will help to keep two components under control: income and expenses. The home needs to record all sources of income which are used to sustain the home’s living and lifestyle. The expenses section allows the home occupants to identify how the incomes are used for the home. A surplus from these categories will show a good management of funds for the home where expenses is less than the income; otherwise, stress creeps in easily with a deficit and immediate remedial action must be taken to eliminate the deficit. Loans are not encouraged as they do not solve your financial woes. A change of lifestyle is the solution here.Hence, a home budget reveals how you are living your lifestyle and the possible adjustments that you might need to make.A home budget template can include:* Months* Income* Expenses* Registered byThe income and expenses sections record all items that are part of that category; for example, wages, interests, dividends, savings will fall under the income section while examples of home expenses include gas, utility, maintenance, home supplies, food and other home necessities. You can identify the total and the averages for your own evaluation.Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Budget Worksheet Template

Budgets are important to every person whether they are young or old; a budget helps one to understand how to use his money wisely and not get into debt. This is especially true for those who are young or just started working so that they may be able to live within their means, as they are not very experienced yet with life’s challenges. The elderly, such as the retirees, would also welcome a budget as they live on a fixed and small income like a retirement fund.

Hence, a simple budget worksheet template for any individual can take on the form of a worksheet with the following information:

* Income

* Expenses

There are basically only 2 main sections in a budget worksheet: how much you bring in (income) and how much you spend (expense).

With each section, you can record:

* Planned amount

* Actual amount

* Difference

In the income section, you can record:

* Salary

* Dividends

* Tax Refunds

* Interests

In the Expenses section, you can record amounts such as:

* Housing

* Transportation

* Food

* Insurance

* Entertainments

* Loans

You can include any category of expenses in a budget worksheet to get a more accurate account of your finances. For example, you can include taxes, whether they are state or federal. Depending on your lifestyle, needs and commitment, you can design your budget worksheet to give you the best benefit.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Budget Planner Template

Budgets are very crucial to an individual, families or even businesses who want to ensure continuity in their lifestyle. A Budget planner is then a helpful tool to assist you in tracking your financial condition. You can apply the budget planner on yourself or your family unit to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, a simple budget planner template for a family can contain a lot of information like:

* Total Projected Cost

* Total Actual Cost

* Total Difference

The above columns give overview figures of the lump sum figures of the family expenses which can be classified under:

* Housing

* Transportation

* Food

* Insurance

* Entertainments

* Loans

Details under each of the above categories can be listed for more information. For example, in transportation, you can track the types of vehicles used by your family members, the petrol consumption, the repairs, the mileage and the maintenances.

There should also be the Income columns in the budget planner template which records the amount of revenue to the family unit.

The template should record:

* Projected monthly income

* Actual monthly income

* Projected balance

* Actual balance

* Difference

This allows the family to identify the overall amounts of the income and expenses. They can decide together which areas to reduce to increase their cash flow. The budget can also record the family savings which can act as a buffer for any financial emergencies, even if these are unlikely to be used.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Monthly Household Budget Planner Template

A Household Budget is very essential to ensure a smooth running of the home. It is a record of the expenses that are incurred which allows the user to make appropriate decisions based on the information. The household expenses can be recorded in a monthly format which makes it convenient for the user to formulate his expenses to track against his monthly budget.

A monthly household budget planner then is useful in getting a bird’s eye view of the household expenses in comparison to the monthly budget so that the user or owner can plan on better ways to manipulate his cash flow to ensure that his monthly household does not exceed the budget.

Sometimes, the unexpected event or emergencies may happen which causes a spike in the monthly household budget but if it is not at the end of the month, the owner or user may still be able to cut back on other areas to control exceeding the budget.

Hence, a monthly household budget planner template can have the following information:

* Date

* From Account

* Debit

* Credit

* Category / Notes

A monthly household budget planner can be structured similarly to an accounts sheet to keep track of the amounts of credit and debit with subtotals and grand total for the month, at the bottom.

By having a household budget planner on a monthly basis, the user is able to compare the monthly budget and expenses to identify his spending patterns.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Monthly Budget Planner Template

A Monthly Budget is crucial to any business that requires up-to-date information about the cash flow of the company. It records all possible expenses with a clear description and the date in which the expense can debited. This information allows the business owner to track the expenses amount in his business every month so that he can make wise and appropriate decisions with regards to his business’ survival or growth.

A monthly budget planner then offers an overview of how the cash flow is being used in the company when the information is carefully but simply tracked in the expense sheet.

It allows the business owner to identify the items which incur a higher expense and at which month so that he can improve his financial standing. This information may help him to cut back on other expenses that have not been incurred yet if it is not the month end, so that the budget will not be exceeded.

Hence, a simple monthly budget planner template can have the following columns of information:

* Date

* Category

* Expense

* Comment

The Date column records the date in which the expense is incurred.

The Category column allows the specific recording of how the expense is used.

The Expense column records the amount expended.

The Comment column allows the user to list down any extra notes on the particular expense, which may be helpful to him in making further decisions that may affect his business.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Business Budgets Template

Business budgets are extremely important and crucial to any business. A business needs to manage its cash flow well to survive the increasing competition in today’s world, especially with the fluctuating economy.

There are many types of business budget templates depending on the organization and its business. There are many aspects of the business that require a budget; every department needs to have a budget. A budget can include the income as well as the expenditure. To be viable and continue in business, the organization must have a positive budget; that is, its income must exceed its expenditure.

Good budgeting is necessary for a thriving business. The business budget template usually captures the following information:

  * Company Name

* Budget for Year

* Estimated Capital

 * Approved Capital

* Projected Purchase Order Cost

 * Invoice Amounts

 * Sales Tax Amounts

 * Freight Charges

  * Income

  * Expenditure

But basically, the business budget needs to be precise about two main sections; that is, the income and expenditure columns.

The income column needs to record all monies that come into the organization while the expenditure column records how every dollar is flowed out of the organization.

If an organization has many departments, each department is required to draw up a departmental budget prior to the main business budget; this will enable the Chief Accountant to compile the departmental incomes and expenditures to come up with the total incomes and expenditures in a budget.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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