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Medical and Healthcare List Template

A medical list is essential to everyone who needs to know his own health condition thoroughly. Every person’s health must be recorded up-to-date to enable a better facilitation of medical care. Hence, a medical and healthcare list is an important document for all to adopt.

A medical and healthcare list states the health condition of a person by identifying all health issues from health history, immunizations to family health history and tobacco consumption. Personal data is recorded for verification purposes. Current and past health issues are necessary information to shed light on the health of a person so that immediate and correct medical treatment can be applied.

A medical and healthcare list is vital in any medical environment or business as this allows the environment to keep track of their patients’ or employees’ health condition. Hence, a medical and healthcare list template is useful to medical environments or companies that have many patients or employees.

A medical and healthcare list template would contain the following information:

* Organization’s Name & Logo

* Organization’s Address & Contact

* Patient/Employee’s Name & Address

* Patient/Employee’s Contact Information

* Patient/Employee’s personal information

* Patient/Employee’s medical history

* Current health issues

* Immunization record

* Surgery record

* Family medical history

* Tobacco / Alcohol consumption

* Medications

* Relationships that can impact health

* Habits

* Weight and diets

The template can be updated after every visit to the doctor for future reference.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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List Templates

Home List Template

A Home list is a dedicated listing of properties that need to be maintained in good condition. It is usually used by property agencies which need to know the latest condition of their properties so that they can allow these properties to be viewed or sold in good condition.

A home list will record the various properties under the property agency or homeowner all the related components of the property under their ownership or care. It is a helpful list in tracking the properties and their condition. It can record the conditions of houses, buildings, equipment, household items and personal belongings. One application of a home list is insurance where the insurance company requires the individual to list out all his personal ownership of valuable items to be insured.

Hence, a home list template is used to keep up-to-date records of the ownership items of an individual or property agent.

It can have the following information:

* Owner’s Name

* Address

* Policy number

* Today’s Date

* Validity Date

* Property number

* Category

* Property Address

* Description of Property

* Property components

* Quantity

* Condition of property

* Date of purchase

* Original Value

* Current Value

A home list could be drawn up by a professional or authorized evaluator for a legal situation or it could be done up informally by an individual who wish to have his personal worth updated all the time.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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List Templates

Community List Template

A community can be very close knitted if there is an association or committee that fosters good relations amongst the residents in the neighborhood; this can be achieved with a community list that records all the residents in the neighborhood where personalized flyers and notices can be sent to bring the residents together.

A community list can be a simple database in a spreadsheet format where the resident’s name, address, contact number, community fund, membership information and personal interests are recorded. This will also enable the committee to plan relevant activities to foster better relations amongst the residents and the committee.

A community list template will allow such tabulation of residents’ data in rows; residents who move out of the neighborhood can be deleted while new residents can be included into the list easily.

A community list template is a useful tool for this task as there are many residents moving in and out of the neighborhood. A community committee can take charge to identify the newcomers and outgoing residents with community welcome/farewell letters from this community list. A community list template is very convenient for updates of residents’ information. A lot of healthy and relevant activities can be planned from the info on this list.

A Community list template may include:

* Neighborhood

* Date of Update

* Resident’s name and address

* Resident’s contact number

* Membership since

* Membership funds collection

* Interests

* Volunteer service

* Position

* Character

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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List Templates

Contact List Template

It is necessary to keep track of your customers to ensure a continuity of your business by contacting or corresponding with your customers regularly.

Hence, a contact list is a good piece of document to have all your customers’ information in one place for easy reference. You can choose to put down as much information as you desire, depending on the space available.

A contact list template may contain the following pieces of information:

* Customer Name (First, Middle, Last)

* Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Office Contact number

* Facsimile address

* Email address

* Personal mobile phone number

* Special notes

With the above information, you can locate the person you want very quickly. You can also refer to any of his information at one glance.

You can add on other pieces of information with regards to the customer in the ‘Special notes’ column. Some contacts are customers who may have a specific customer identification number if he has regular business dealings with you. With the customer ID, you can refer to his physical business portfolio easily.

If you are using an electronic contact list template, it is so easy to add on new contact information and update it to your convenience. The system is able to sort the data for you in any preference so that it is convenient for you to view your required information.

A contact list should be maintained to provide the best service by being updated regularly.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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