Reflective Log Template

A log may be well used by many people to record some necessary information on some entity like day, project or event. But a reflective log can be very useful to reflect on the happenings or activities that have happened to learn from them and to improve your life or business.

A reflective log can be implemented through some word and publishing software. There could be some columns of information that require some input of data such as Activity, Description of activity, Impact and Consequence.

With some advanced word input software, you can just tab onto the right column to input the necessary information. By recording the information at the right column, you can keep track of your thoughts on a particular event or happening which you can derive important lessons from. Tracking the reflective log will enable future success by avoiding the same pitfalls or drawing lessons from past experiences recorded in a reflective log.

A reflection log template may simply contain:

* Identification of user

* Date of Log

* Time of visit/entry

* Activity

* Description of activity

* Impact

* Consequence

A reflective log functions similarly like a journal where your deepest thoughts and feelings can be recorded to give you a clearer overview of the incident.

A reflective log functions to allow its reader some reflection of the previous actions taken to cause the consequence and thoughts of improvement should be considered for future success.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Medication Log Template

Sometime or other in our lives, we fall sick and need some medication to boost up our immune system to recover. It is advisable for everyone to have a medication log which can track the types of medication that he takes so that he is aware of what drugs are taken into his body. It is also a good record display for the attending physician to understand the patient’s medical history.

A medication log is also useful in clinics, hospitals, hospice or nursing homes where the patients or residents require some regular medication doses. It records the patients’ medication history to allow any attending physician a better insight of the patient’s condition, background, medical records and progressive care.

A medication log can be on an individual basis where the various medications can be listed for references. It can contain the patient’s name, medication types, quantity and frequency taken, prescribing physician, effects, conditions, pharmacy, start and end dates. These are useful data for the doctor or nurse to monitor the health of the patient.

A medication log template would contain the following information:

* Patient’s Name & Address

* Patient’s Contact Information

* Patient’s ID number

* Patient’s birth date

* Patient’s age

* Patient’s medical condition

* Physician’s name

* Medication type

* Date of prescription

* Dosage

* Dosage amount

* Frequency

* Pharmacy contact

* Side effects

A medication log can also be used by the clinic for stock checks.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Work Log Template

There is always work at the office, or even at home. To ensure that the work gets done, it is best to record the work required to be done in a work log. This useful tool lists out the types of work that business or individual takes on with the relevant information such as date of commencement, date of completion, type of work, persons involved, work leader, venue, tool and resources.

There are so many aspects that one can list down in the work log to help identify the progress of the work. A work log allows the business or individual to identify its productivity and profitability.

But a simple work log can record down the type of job, the persons in charge, phase of job, expected completion date, and comments.

The work log template usually comprises:

* Date of entry

* Department

* Person(s) in charge


*Description of work

* Project Leader

* Problems to be noted

* Targeted completion date

* Resources required / taken

The work log can be on an individual basis where the team member can record his own progress or it can be a team work log where the overall project can be viewed as the whole team’s progress can be identified.

This allows the project leader to plan and monitor the work done and advise his team accordingly. A work log can also take note of the arising issues to be resolved.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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First Grade Reading Log Template

Reading is a good habit to inculcate in young children as early as first grade where they are able to read simple words by themselves. Prior to that, young readers can be encouraged to read by parents who spend time reading to them first.

Once the love for reading is established through the hearing of stories read to them, the young readers will automatically reach out for books to read on their own. Their knowledge and creativity skills will be expanded as they develop a love for reading.

A reading society develops into an advanced civilization; hence, young readers as early as first graders.

A first grade reading log would make a helpful tool for the children and adults in tracking the first grader’s reading habits and progress. The reading log can record the number of books he has read, was read to, read with parental assistance, and the types of books read with completion dates.

A first grade reading log template may record the following information:

* Child’s name

* Reading days

* Reading times

* Type of books

* Book title

* Comments

* Parent’s / Teacher’s Acknowledgement

The first grade reading log must be a project implemented by the parent or teacher as the child is a bit young to proceed with the task on his own at the moment. With consistency, the young child picks up a good habit and it stays with him for life.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Walking Log Template

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body. There are many forms of exercise that you may take on but there is always one that you can pick up easily and perform it regularly, any time anywhere. Walking!

Walking is a good form of exercise that pumps blood to all parts of the body to keep it healthy and strong.

You can record how much and how often you have walked as a form of exercise using a walking log. You can record the distance, pace, heartbeat, and time taken for each walk. You can even record the place and companion to make your walking log more interesting and useful.

A walking log template can have the following information:

* Name

* Age & Gender

* Date

* Distance Covered

* Heartbeat

* Place

* Time of Walk

* Duration of walk

* Companions

* Comments

A walking log allows one to train up the stamina and increase the metabolic rate of the body for better health. It is also a good monitoring tool of your exercise achievements. You can also use the walking log to prepare yourself for any competitions such as walk marathons and charity walks.

The Comments column allows the walker to note down important points with regards to the walk, such as ‘stray dogs in area’.

A walking log is a simple way of motivating the user to be disciplined in his exercise regimen.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Visitor Log Template

Visitors can be a pleasure or a pain. Many homes do record their visitors in a visitor log as with many organizations, public places or government agencies.

A visitor log is a good tool to track the visits of various guests to the premise. It can be a simple sheet with some relevant information such as guest name and contact. It can have more elaboration such as guest’s dates of visit, comments and purpose.

A visitor log can also be used in an environment where visitors or guests information are recorded for reference and keepsakes purposes as in weddings and office.

A visitor log template may simply contain:

* Identification of the environment

* Date of Log

* Time of visit/entry

* Time of exit

* Visitor’s contact information

* Visitor’s comments

Many places with a visitor log encourage the visitor to fill in the log personally and to write down their comments after their visit. These comments allow the place to improve itself for a better image. A visitor log template can be very flexible, depending on the organization or environment to decide its structure and the execution of the tool according to its objective and benefit.

Visitor’s contact information is recorded in a visitor log to enable the organization to contact the visitor at a later time, as in a thank you note.

A home visitor log can be creatively designed with special notes from the host on each page.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

A vehicle is considered a necessity for many people who require to travel often, no matter how short the distance. It is a convenience and hence, should be carefully maintained to ensure its good functionality although it depreciates in value over the years. A good maintenance of your vehicle will slow down its depreciation value, and your vehicle will function as expected, while looking good not just on the outside but also on the inside.

There are many parts to maintaining your vehicle; it would mean a proper upkeep of every section of your car whether it is on the outside or inside. There are many components involved in maintaining the good condition of your car; you will need to note the condition of the paint, seats, air conditioning, tires, oil, radio or player, balance, tuning, battery and engine. The list is non-exhaustive.

The best way to track your vehicle’s condition is to have a vehicle maintenance log to track your change of black oil, tires, filters, wheel balancing, battery, spark plugs, air conditioning gas and other needful repairs and upgrades.

A vehicle maintenance log template may contain:

* Owner’s name

* Date of maintenance

* Place of service

* Mileage

* Items changed

* Items cost

* Labor cost

* Comments

* Reminders

The vehicle maintenance log can record specific parts of your vehicle with the corresponding date for each part to be exact on the maintenance.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Diet Log Template

Most people who want a healthy body or perfect body shape will work hard at keeping a good and balanced diet while exercising. This is a good approach towards a healthy lifestyle.

A diet log is not only a move towards a better figure; it is also a good move towards a healthy figure. A diet log records the type of food that is taken for every meal, counting the calories to ensure that no excess fats and carbohydrates are taken which will make the body work harder to burn them; otherwise, they are stored as fats.

Every individual should have a good diet plan and log. This helps you to eat well to stay well. A diet log is a simple recording of the types of food taken and its quantum for each meal every day.

You will need to identify the amount of nutrients and calories required for your body, as every person is different. Discipline is required to maintain the diet log so that you can see the results in due time.

A diet log can also record the status of your health in terms of the exercises, amount of rest and weight.

A diet log template may have:

* Days of the week

* Types of Meal

* Breakfast

* Lunch

* Snack

* Dinner

* Food / Beverage description

* Amount of:

* Fats

* Carbohydrates

* Sodium

* Fiber

* Sugar

* Protein

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Travel Log Template

With the ever increasing petrol prices, it is wise for any driver to track its travels. This applies to the individual on a personal or business basis. Tracking the travel movements allow the individual to identify the types of chores that were carried out which required traveling.

A company would want a similar tracking. It may have company vehicles which the staff use to travel on business purposes or otherwise. Tracking the company vehicles’ movement in a travel log reduces, if not prevents, company resources abuse. The travel log will track the vehicle used, the mileage score, date and time of usage, as well as the user of the vehicle.

All these information on the travel log also allows the management or owner of the vehicles to identify the repair and maintenance of the vehicle, so that a proper upkeep of the vehicle is made to prolong its viability.

Hence a travel log template may record:

* Date

* Vehicle used

* Vehicle registration

* User name & title

* User contact number

* Destination

* Purpose of Usage

* Expected time of usage

* Expected return time

* Odometer readings

* User’s acknowledgement / Signatory

A travel log template can be electronically designed to enable an automatic computation of the distance traveled and the time taken for any occasion for reporting purposes.

A travel log template can be designed for weekly, fortnightly or monthly recordings depending on the nature of business.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Change Log Template

As the saying goes, “change is the only constant in life”. There are many things in life that need change; it can be our lifestyle, habits, friends, status and even career. Change is bound to happen in our life. As an individual lives over time, changes will definitely come into play.

It can be a change of shift in a job. Some jobs like production, security and service require different times of work; a worker may request for a change in his work time and his administrator will put in his change request in a change log.

A change log is a record of information regarding the change request. A change log can also be used in another environment, such as change of job or task assigned. It could be in an environment where workers are allowed to make change requests to the types of task assigned or requested to perform. A change log would be helpful in keeping track of the change request to ensure that all jobs or tasks are covered as well as to monitor the frequency of changes or requests happening.

A change log template may contain:

* Identification of the environment

* Date of Log

* Request Title

* Request Originator

* Assigned to

* Response Date

* Status

* Close Date

The change log can be designed and structured according to the environment. It requires a coordinator or administrator to oversee the change request.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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