Performance Work Status Template

When a company engages others to work on a project, the company expects a regular update on the progress of the project. This can be done using a performance work status report where the project team will present the progress of the project accordingly. This type of recording allows the company to monitor the progress of the project and to track the expenses incurred as well as be ready for the functionality of the project when completed.

A performance work status must be given regularly to assure the project owner that all is well with the project development. It can also monitor the work effort of the personnel involved to ensure that no time and money is lost unnecessarily.

A performance work status can contain many pieces of information placed in two categories: basic framework and detailed framework.

The basic framework of the performance work status records the scope of the project, all identifiable tasks, quality assurance and deliverable results. The detailed framework consists of detailed check lists on the complex acquisitions of the project.

A performance work status template may display:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Date of Reporting

* Basic framework

* Scope

* Applicable documents

* Identifiable tasks

* Quality assurance

*Deliverable results

* Detailed Framework

* Checklist

* Contact information

* Work plan

* Period Performance

* Place of performance

* Background

* Applicable directives

* Government information

* General information

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Jeopardy Game Template

Most people enjoy games; many enjoy a board game once in a while, especially on a rainy day where outdoor activities cannot be carried out. A board or indoor game such as Jeopardy is interesting to play. It is a good game to spend the time with your family or friends while getting to know them better as you have fun as a group.

The Jeopardy game comprises questions and answers. The proposer will pop a clue related to the answer whereby the members will respond with the right question to the clue given. The right response gains points while a wrong answer might minus off points. The members must keep track of their points till the end to determine the winner. Clues will become harder as the members proceed to the subsequent rounds. There are the initial jeopardy, the Double jeopardy and the Final jeopardy rounds. Contestants are eliminated one by one until the winner is identified.

The Jeopardy game template may display:

* Initial round of trivial clues and responses

* Double Jeopardy round

* Final Jeopardy round

* Cash prizes or points

* Answer

* Bonus Question & points

A jeopardy game is very fun and exciting when played in a group, especially in a familiar group. It can enhance your general knowledge as all types of topics can be referred to in the game such as sports, politics, history, literature, pop, arts, culture and science.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Work Instructions Template

Every piece of work that a company takes on must be conducted in the proper manner to ensure success. This is even more so when the work is outsourced. Hence, it is necessary to adopt a work instructions sheet for every worker or team member of any work or project.

With the right work instructions, every worker or project member will be able to identify his responsibility and the scope of the project undertaken. There will be no overlap of tasks which wastes time and raises confusion.

If the work instructions are similar to most projects which a company undertakes, it can be generated electronically. Hence, a work instructions template can store the format of work instructions for any project that is to be facilitated.

A work instructions template can contain the following information for easy execution:

* Company Name

* Project title

* Purpose

* Scope

* Records of data

* Maintenance of documents

* Responsibility

* Safety procedures

* Project timeframe

* Accountability

* Approved by

A work instructions document can be printed out to each member and changes can be made on the electronic copy easily. It allows the worker or team member to be updated when there is a change to the project. Changes can also happen as the project progresses to allow the team members to understand the overview of the project than to be concerned about his section only. All team members need to work together.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Sign in and Sign out Sheets Template

Sign in and sign out sheets are very useful and necessary to facilitate the work hours of any employee in a big and busy organization with many departments and branches.

These sign in and sign out sheets help to determine the presence and absence of the workforce in a particular work environment to compute the payroll accurately at the end of the day, week or month.

Sign in and sign out sheets are great tools with temporary or part time staff that do not enjoy the full employment benefits of the organization. These sign in and sign out sheets are useful and necessary for tax purposes as well as for legal aspects as they involve monies transacted.

Sign in and sign out sheets are also helpful to maintain the security of an environment to prevent violation of privacy or intrusion of confidentiality in an organization where some sections are off-limits to visitors and even company personnel.

Sign in and sign out sheets are also used to check on accountability where the management can track on the movement of people in that environment.

The sign in and sign out sheet template for salary computation purposes can have:

* Company name

* Department or section

* Company employee

* Title / Designation

* Employee number

* Contact Information

* Date of entry

* Authorization

* Time in

* Time out

* Sign in

* Sign out

* Signatory

* Total hours

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Surveys Template

Surveys are very important activities to an organization. Surveys function to return feedback to the surveyor for improvement. There are many occasions that require surveys. For example, if you want to start a business, you may want to perform a survey to consider the viability of the business, in terms of space, traffic, opportunities, hindrances and advantages.

Many businesses conduct surveys to better understand the market condition to improve their products and services. These will keep the businesses current and not lag behind with the consumers’ change in lifestyle and preferences.

When the businesses take note of the survey’s contents, the business is serious in overcoming the current challenges to move forward.

A survey template header may have the following information:

* Company Name

* Survey Title

* Survey Objective(s)

* Date & Time

* Venue

* Quality

* Quantity

* Frequency

There are many different types of information that can be included in a survey template depending on the objective of that particular survey.

Usually, a survey response includes columns:

* Excellent

* Good

* Average

* Needs Improvement

* Poor

Some survey forms allow written feedback for more information while others require a simple tick or cross against your preferred choice of response.

Most surveys do not require your name or other personal details if a general opinion is required, especially on a particular brand of product. Some surveys require specific information like race, age brackets and income brackets.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Stickers Template

Every child, and even many adults, loves stickers. Stickers are colorful and cute pieces of pictures that can be peeled off and be pasted onto any surface to make a decorative piece.

Stickers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are usually in colors and there are a myriad of stickers in the market. The more popular and common ones are the star stickers which teachers like to reward their students on a well done assignment. Young children are attracted by colorful and glittering stickers which can be of all sorts of designs, especially those that depict fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Pocahontas, KungFu Bear, Batman and the like. There is no end to the type of stickers that one can have.

Some can even custom designed depending on the requirements. You can have your name, address and pictures on the sticker forms and be privileged to have personalized stickers. These may cost more but they are unique.

Today’s advanced technology has allowed ordinary folks to create their own stickers using special software and printers instead of depending on the manufacturer’s mass production of limited designs.

A Sticker template can be made up of the following components:

* Pictures

* Colors

* Words

* Patterns / Designs

One must keep the stickers carefully as extreme weather can cause the glue behind to lose its strength. Many children like to collect various types of stickers in a sticker album.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Signs Template

Signs are wonderful showpieces for a myriad of occasions and situations. Signs can be used in many ways, such as to inform, to educate or to re-direct. There are many types of signs that are used profusely around the world today, such as traffic signs, environmental signs, informative signs and others. Signs can be very creative and yet simple. They are usually colorful and impactful with their designs and creativity.

Usually there are not many words on a sign; for example, traffic signs usually show the picture to depict the condition with no words as in a “No entry” sign which is represented globally by a red circle with a white band in its middle. Every person understands this sign to refer to no entry to the place.

Signs can come in small or big sizes and all kinds of shapes. Just the traffic signs category have various shapes like round for “No entry” or “No parking” while the triangle shape refers to “Yield” and “Slippery Road” with the appropriate design.

Some signs are more contemporary to give a fresh outlook on the situation such as the Recycle sign. Instead of the traditional Recycle symbol of three blue arrows in a cyclic triangular direction, you can enhance the sign with a recycle mascot or some simple related words.

A Sign template can contain the following components:

* Various shapes & sizes

* Colors

* Pictures

* Words

Some signs need authorized approvals before usage.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Quizzes and Tests Template

Schools usually conduct quizzes and tests throughout the semester to ensure that their students are kept on their toes in their academic endeavors. Quizzes and tests are small evaluations of the students’ academic knowledge. They can be graded as a feedback to the students’ of their academic progress thus far.

Quizzes and tests may or may not be added to the final grade of the subject, depending on the school curriculum. Many are used to gauge the student’s academic performance or serve as a feedback to the students or parents on the student’s learning capability.

It is up to the students to decide if they want to adopt a consistent learning curve by being progressively responsible towards their studies or to make a quick dash on revision just before the final examinations.

Some learning institutions do not have quizzes and tests but projects and assignments. They may function similarly.

Quizzes and tests can be formal or informal depending on the subject facilitator. It can be a simple objective or subjective piece of work, which can be done in the school environment or at home, as a take home activity.

A quiz and test template may have the following components:

* Quiz / Test title

* Subject Title

* Subject Facilitator

* Questions

* Spaces for answers

* Mark boxes

* Total marks

* Grade

A quiz or test is also meant to encourage the student to be more mindful of his studies.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Press Release Template

A lot of events happen every minute in the world. It is not only the political and business scenes that are very active in the mass media arena; there can be personal and scientific achievements which require some shouting out to the public.

These achievements or declarations can be done via a press release which is a statement via the mass media to inform the public of some outstanding news. However, news is relative to an individual. There many be news that are interesting to one but not to another.

A press release could include celebrities’ weddings and divorces, political struggles and achievements of politicians as well as personal achievements such as anniversaries and births. A press release is usually an advertorial placed in the newspaper of your choice to inform or declare the issue that you want to be made publicly known.

A press release template may take on the following format:

* Issuer’s name & designation

* Objective of press release

* Title of press release

* Event

* Date, Time & Venue

* Contact person(s)

* Details of issue

Different types of information will be included in different types of press release. Most press releases are in news format where the information to be made public are written like a news article for public reading.

It could be a small column (usually for a personal press release) or a half or full page advertorial depending on the issue to be declared.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Posters Template

Posters are a good form of advertisement for the commercial world or even for individuals who have a private function. Posters can come in any shape, size, color, pattern, form with pictures, words, decorations in 2-dimension or even 3-dimension aspects.

Posters are meant to capture attention. Marketing posters are loud and attractive to attract the attention of the public and potential customers. Private posters are meant to celebrate the special occasion for a special individual. Posters in any function or event can be as creative as the creator.

Posters can be on simple papers for pasting up on the wall as in pictures of movie stars, singers or professional sports athletes. Posters can also be made simply with a wooden holder to function like a placard in protests and demonstrations.

Posters can come in many shapes and sizes with different fonts or words and pictures to display the intended objective.

A poster template can have the following components:

* Words

* Colors

* Different fonts

* Sizes

* Pictures

* Shapes

More and more individuals are being creative with posters. Even small children can draw up posters according to their creative skills of art. Poster colors, water colors or simple color pencils can be used to create a beautiful poster to convey the theme or objective in mind. Photographs can also be part of the poster instead of pictures and images. There are many ways to design a creative and beautiful poster.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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