Church Program Template

A church program is usually distributed to the worshippers on the day of worship as they enter the worship venue. Worshippers are normally greeted by ushers who hand out a church program for their participation of the worship session.

A church program usually comes in a single sheet A4 booklet or leaflet form with informative news of the worship service for the day. It can sport the church logo and name on the cover page while the center fold states the announcements, prayer requests, bible verses and some editorial for encouragement.

There may be a scriptural passage with the pastor’s welcome comments depending on the size of the program. A church program may also have some space for the congregation to jot down his notes on the sermon for reference. The back cover of the church program may contain the church activities with their times and days information.

A church program template allows the editor of the program to generate the weekly church program easily as weekly information may remain the same. Changes can be made easily using a church program template which can be stored and retrieved.

A church program template can contain the following components:

* Church name and logo

* Date

* Announcements

* Scripture Verses

* Pastor’s welcome or note

* Space for sermon notes

* Information on church activities

* Bible verse for the month

* House Group News

* Monthly Program schedule

* Prayer requests

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Fan Wedding Program Template

A Wedding is a special time for two persons in love who want to share their joy with their family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. A wedding program must be special to celebrate the special occasion. More and more creative designs are made today in celebrating the wedding. A fan wedding program is such a creative design.

A wedding service is normally held at a formal venue such as the church or some religious premise, although it can be held at hotels, resorts, beaches or some special location.

The fan wedding program comes in the form of a fan where the relevant information is displayed on the fan pieces. The number of fan pieces is dependent on the creator and the amount of information to be placed on the fan.

Colors and/or a sweet scent can be added for a tasteful touch to befit the joyous occasion.

Hence, a fan wedding program template may contain:

* An Invitation to the wedding

* An announcement of the wedding

* The bridal couple’s names

* Date of the wedding

* Time of the wedding

* Venue for the wedding

* An RSVP column

* Wedding entourage information

* Reception details

* Bridal couple’s thanks

A wedding program can include as much information as desired; the officiating minister, bridesmaids, best men, flower girls, ring bearer, VIPs, bridal couple’s parents’ names as well as reception details can be included on the fan pieces.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Wedding Program Template

A Wedding program is always prepared to lead the wedding guests during the wedding ritual at the wedding ceremony.

The front of a wedding program normally sports an appropriate picture, the couple’s names in clear display and the date of the wedding with the venue.

The wedding program template need not be cluttered with words or pictures as the whole piece must be tastefully done for the perfect wedding celebration. It can be of any size although it is usually half or one third an A4 size paper. Colors are also encouraged on a wedding program to brighten and suit the occasion. Sometimes a sweet scent is added.

The inside of a wedding program or the overleaf may list the program of the wedding. Although there is no time listed in the program or order of the wedding, acknowledgement of the guests’ presents and gifts can be noted in advance in the wedding program. Announcements and thanksgiving to all organizers of the wedding can be listed at the end.

The Wedding program template can take on various fonts, in terms of size, type, spacing and placing, as long as the information reads well. The spelling of all information on a wedding program must be perfect to reflect professionalism.

Hence, a Wedding program template may be of 2 parts:

1) Front

* An Announcement Statement

* Pictures relevant to the objective

* Important information about the wedding

2) Inside/Overleaf

* Order of wedding

*Acknowledgement of guests’ presence and gifts

* Announcements

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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Funeral Program Template

Funerals are not pleasant occasions for anyone, especially those whose loved ones have just passed away. Funerals are usually a time of grief and may be difficult for those who lost their loved ones. Nevertheless, it is usually a standard procedure to give the deceased a fitting send off in terms of a wake service.

A wake or funeral service will require a funeral program where the order of service is listed out for the audience to follow.

A funeral service template may contain the following pieces of information:

* Funeral Service for

* Deceased Name

* Date of funeral service

* Time and Venue

* Presiding Facilitator

* Order of Program

* Acknowledgement

The above information informs the attendees of the funeral service what to expect of a funeral service. A funeral service is usually quite short. Some funeral services of certain races could last a few days for the last rites to be performed.

The Presiding facilitator is usually a religious authority who is licensed to conduct the last rites for the deceased by law. The order of program may contain the following:

* Call to order of funeral service

* Welcome address

* Brief introduction of deceased to attendees

* Songs

* Meditation or Prayer

* Message (in religious circles)

* Eulogies

* Last rites action

Depending on the ethnic and religion, there will be differences to a funeral service. Whatever the race or religion, all funeral services should be respected.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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