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Catering Business Plan Template

Catering is not easy as it is a customer oriented business. Many, if not all, people like a good meal without much hassle involved. There are many eateries offering catering services; there are even homes which offer catering services.

Hence, a catering business requires a business plan. A catering business plan works through the business requirements and expectations to determine the business’ feasibility.

A catering business plan comprises the executive summary or overview of its operation.

Its template may contain the following sections information:

* Date

* Caterer’s Name & Address

* Caterer’s contact number

* Background of Catering Company

* Description of services

* Description of menu & pricing

* References

* Work testimonies

A catering business plan should give a brief about the company before describing the types of catering services available, such as cuisine, one off deliveries, regular takeaway and function caterings. It should identify its goals and market so that the business is fully aware of its direction. A catering business plan must have identified the needs of the current market and the best marketing strategies to cater to that particular group of diners.

It may include financial and economic specifications to confirm its viability. It can also contain the types of menu and pricing for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, to entice the potential customer. Pictures of the signature dishes can be include giving the customer an idea of the type of dish ordered.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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