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Catering Invoice Template

A catering business is very hectic as food is being cooked and delivered. Hence, the caterer would require a catering invoice to keep track of its business and collection. A catering invoice can list out the types of food ordered and delivered with the number of pax and prices. This will avoid disputes when payment is demanded.

A catering invoice template would contain the following information:

* Company Name & Logo

* Company Address & Contact

* Client’s Name & Address

* Client’s Contact Information

* Invoice Number

* Billing Date

The body of the catering invoice template registers the details of the services rendered and food supplied in various columns to confirm the transaction:

* Quantity

* Item

* Description

* Price

* Sub-Total

The above information records the details of the catering transaction to enable the customer a thorough check on his order. This will enable easy confirmation of orders delivered as well as to ensure a smooth payment. The description column can record in detail the type of dish ordered so that there is no dispute over the order when it is delivered.

There would be a grand total at the bottom of the columns above with sales tax, if applicable,

The customer is required to sign at the bottom as a confirmation of the correct order delivered. The catering invoice may also have descriptive lines at the bottom, such as “Please make check out to <Company Name>” or “Thank you for your business”.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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