Certificates Templates

Certificates Template

Certificates are important pieces of document which function as proof of your qualification in knowledge, skill or competency in a particular area. Certificates can play quite a vital role in your career as they display your ability to have mastered certain information and application of skills to a certain competency that will benefit the enquirer or recipient.

There are many types of certificate offerings: academic, business, charitable and personal. Academic certificates reflect your competency in understanding the academic information through the course while business certificates showcase the business skills that have successfully branded a business. Charitable certificates refer to those who participate in charitable events like donations and other forms of support for the needy. Personal certificates could be a personal achievement as in a marathon run, a rock or mountain climbing event.

A Certificate certifies the recipient’s honor in having successfully completed the basic requirements of the event. It can add extra mileage to your career as it is a declaration of your ability to perform a task successfully.

A certificate is always awarded by a leading and official authority.

A certificate template may have the following components:

* Certificate Title

* Statement of Award

* Certificate Recipient’s Name

* Purpose of Certificate Awarded

* Date

* Official Authority signatories

* Official stamps

The Statement of Award depends on the objective of the certificate although most will start the certificate piece with “This certificate is awarded to <Recipient’s Name>”

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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