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As the saying goes, “change is the only constant in life”. There are many things in life that need change; it can be our lifestyle, habits, friends, status and even career. Change is bound to happen in our life. As an individual lives over time, changes will definitely come into play.

It can be a change of shift in a job. Some jobs like production, security and service require different times of work; a worker may request for a change in his work time and his administrator will put in his change request in a change log.

A change log is a record of information regarding the change request. A change log can also be used in another environment, such as change of job or task assigned. It could be in an environment where workers are allowed to make change requests to the types of task assigned or requested to perform. A change log would be helpful in keeping track of the change request to ensure that all jobs or tasks are covered as well as to monitor the frequency of changes or requests happening.

A change log template may contain:

* Identification of the environment

* Date of Log

* Request Title

* Request Originator

* Assigned to

* Response Date

* Status

* Close Date

The change log can be designed and structured according to the environment. It requires a coordinator or administrator to oversee the change request.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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