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Check book Ledger Template

A check book is a very useful tool to issue payment to your supplier or seller of items and equipment. The written amount will be debit from your checking account on the date as registered on your check.

A check book must be kept in proper accounts so that there is no overdrawn check which can incur a high interest penalty by the corresponding bank. This can be accomplished by the use of a check book ledger which records every check you issue and the necessary information to keep a good set of accounts.

You can have the date of check issued, the amount issued, description of check, previous balance, new balance and receiver of check. You should always check if there is sufficient fund in your checking account by referring to the current balance, before issuing the next check. If there are insufficient funds in your checking account, you should top up your checking account first before issuing the next check. Otherwise, you might just issue the check with insufficient funds in your account and incur an overdrawn penalty, which can be quite high. Not only that, you might be blacklisted by the bank for bounced checks.

The check book ledger template can display the following information:

* Check number

* Date of issue

* Recipient of check

* Check Amount

* Previous balance

* Current balance

* Purpose

An insufficient amount in your check book ledger will show a negative new balance.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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