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Check Register Template

A check is a very useful document which allows payment in bulk without carrying bundles of cash with you. Payment by check is very common today not just for businesses but also by individuals. But it is necessary for check issuers to track the checks they issue so that their next check will not bounce due to insufficient funds in the account. This could be due to a miscalculation or forgetfulness of the number of checks issued.

Hence, a check register is important for check users to assist them in monitoring the issuance of checks, whether it is for business or personally. A check register template may have the following header information:

* Check number

This refers to the identification of the check which allows the user to track the transaction.

* Date of issuance

This keeps the user informed of when the check was issued

*Description of Transaction

This column allows the user to record the purpose of the check issued or the recipient information.

* Previous Balance

This column records the amount left in the checking account. You will then know if you would need to top up the balance before issuing a new check.

* Check Total

This column records the amount on the check issued.

* Credit/Debit

This section records the type of check in the checking account

* New Balance

This column computes and records the latest balance in the checking account. This amount can be transferred to the Previous balance at the next check issuance.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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