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Christmas Menu Template

Christmas is a lovely time which is usually shared with loved ones, as they get together, especially for a meal. The Christmas meal is such an important event in a family that celebrates Christmas. Sometimes, in today’s busyness, families or couples in love prefer to eat out, even on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

A Christmas menu is important and should be designed properly to match the important occasion. It reflects an important meal shared by loved ones, whether at home or in a fine dining location.

A Christmas menu template usually has:

* Restaurant/Hotel’s Name


* Appetizer

* Soup and Salad

* Main course

* Dessert

* Tea or Coffee

There are usually two or three choices for the diner with each part of the course with the names of the dishes clearly spelt out. But it is not surprising that many fine dining premises offer a set or fixed course for the diners in a Christmas meal.

The price may or may not be displayed on the Christmas menu, depending on the type of dining premise.

A Christmas menu can be beautifully decorated like a booklet with designs and colors that enhance your dining experience. It may be filled with Christmas pictures befitting the celebration.

The Christmas menu is usually placed on the dining table for the diners’ reference. It may come in different sizes and shapes but hotels and high class restaurants usually prefer the standard rectangular shaped Christmas menu.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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