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Chronological Resume Template

A chronological resume is a resume that is in chronological order. A well written resume is usually one that is put together in some proper order which makes it easy to read. The contents are placed in the right positions for the reader to refer to.

This is because a resume is an important attachment to your job application; hence, it needs to be formally written to impress the recipient who is to view your resume and to grant you at least an interview; if not, the applied job.

Hence, the resume in chronological order will be accredited as a good submission which also reflects on the originator as orderly and meticulous in his undertakings. Such attributes are important in many jobs especially in administration, accounting and management positions.

A chronological resume would have the originator’s personal information like full name, gender, birth date and mailing address before the educational information comes on. It should cover all levels of education undertaken with the appropriate certificates and awards given. Following would be the experience category where the previous work employers would be stated with the relevant skills picked up and applied.

References come on last for the recipient to consider contacting for verification if necessary.

A chronological resume template contains the following components:

* Sender’s information

* Career Objectives

* Education path

* Experience

* Skills and trainings

* References

A chronological resume would list its contents point form wise for easy reading.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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