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Church Bylaws Template

Bylaws are statements made with regards to an entity such as an organization, society or club. They are formed as guidelines to the entity for its existence. There are many types of bylaws depending on the structure and objective of the entity at hand.

Non-charitable entities like the church also require a bylaw; a church bylaw states the way the church is to be run, with specifications to the principles of the church, membership conditions, beliefs and structure, and orientation.

A church bylaw can record in detail the membership requirements and process for accepting, rejecting, renewing and terminating anyone to be part of the church as a member. In the eyes of the laws of the land, a church is deemed another organization or club that is non-charitable and caters to the spiritual needs of its members.

A church bylaw template records the following:

* Church Name

* Church premise & address

* Mission & Vision statement

* Faith & Beliefs declaration

* Membership conditions

* Acceptance

* Rejection

* Renewal

* Transfer

* Termination

* Orientation of members

* Office bearers

* Appointment

* Renewal

* Termination

* Roles & Responsibilities

The church bylaws need to record how the church will be administered through its office bearers with a well structured organization chart that is similar to any business organization chart.

There is usually the election procedures recorded in the church bylaws as the church is usually under the Society Act.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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