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Church Newsletter Template

A Newsletter is a very useful piece of informative leaflet or booklet. It can be circulated internally or externally in any environment such as education, clubs, societies, businesses and even religious environment. A newsletter is published with information regarding that particular environment which is meant to update its members or interested readers.

A church newsletter is published for the parishioners to be updated with information that is relevant to them. It is usually in a booklet of several pages as it can be published on a quarterly basis or half yearly. It can contain different types of information such as weddings, births, deaths, special celebrations and church updates of its various ministries. Relevant meetings, trainings and mission news are also published in a church newsletter. Financial information and pastoral contact are possible additional information in the church newsletter.

A church newsletter can be given a special name for its own unique identity with the church logo. The church newsletter can be creatively designed with pictures, quotes, bible verses, graphs and special fonts depending on the article and editorial team.

A church newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Church name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Editorial team

* Youth Articles

* Senior Citizens articles

* Weddings, births, wakes

* Bible Study materials

* Bible verse for the month

* House Group News

* Monthly Program schedule

* Prayer column

* Pastoral team and contact

* Ministry updates

* Testimonials

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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