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Classroom Newsletter Template

Every organization or social body can publish a newsletter for updates of information that is relevant to that particular group of body. For example, a school may encourage its students to publish a class newsletter to create a stronger bond amongst its class students.

A class newsletter is not only useful in updating the class of news amongst their friends; it is also good training in publishing newsletter for those who might be interested in a publishing career.

There can be various types of information that a class newsletter can publish, depending on the class and its editorial team. The class newsletter can be in various formats depending on the creativity of the editorial team.

A class newsletter may be published on a half yearly or yearly basis. It can contain different types of information about the class students such as birthday announcements and celebrations, high achievements, congratulatory messages, advice from lecturers, special quotations from great educators, special meetings reminders and free news column where stories from students are published.

Stories can be fictional or testimonials which serve to strengthen the literary skills of the students.

A class newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Class name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Editorial team

* Date of Newsletter

* Birthday announcements

* Lecturers’ reminders or advice

* Special announcements / congratulatory messages

* High achievements

* Quotations

* Free style corner

* Reminders

* Projects

* Class photos

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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