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Cleaning Proposal Template

Cleaning is hard work which no one really likes but needs to be done; whether at home or in the office, cleaning is necessary to ensure a pleasing environment for the occupants of the home to live healthily together or the workers at the office to be productive without falling sick.

Hence, a cleaning agency is a blessing to many homes and businesses which require such services to maintain the cleanliness of the premise. A professional cleaning company may need to submit a cleaning proposal for a cleaning tender or as part of the selection procedure for a cleaning job, whether home or work based.

The cleaning proposal will list a brief of the cleaning company which includes the establishment and background, the types of services it offers, the types of premise it can take on, the number of staff, expert areas and charges.

A cleaning proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date

* Cleaning agency’s Name & Address

* Cleaning agency’s contact number

* Introduction of Cleaning Company

* Description of services

* Charges & Work hours

* References

* Work testimonies

A cleaning proposal can list the charges for the different types of services it offers as the premises to be cleaned differ. It is not possible to list down all charges or identify all types of premises but a cleaning proposal can list a sample premise size and its corresponding charge for reference sake.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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