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Club Bylaws Template

Many organizations or societies form clubs for socializing and interactions to boost their social network or spend their time healthily mixing with the right or like-minded crowd.

There are many clubs that are formed for such purposes like the sports club in any company that wants to promote physical activities. You can also have reading clubs, book clubs, baking clubs, fan clubs, and many others including Hashers club which gathers people who love to run.

With the formation of a club, club bylaws also come into existence to put order into the entity to avoid confusion and disorder. A club bylaw lists out the purpose of existence of the club as well as the membership requirements, organizational structure, finance matters as well as rules and regulations of the club.

A club bylaw requires the club to state its meetings and keep a proper record of its meeting minutes for its members’ reference as well as the law’s. It also states how the meetings are to be conducted and when as well as where. A proper financial record must be adhered to, by the proper office bearer who was elected by the members during the annual AGM.

A club bylaw template records the following structure:

* Organization Name & Address

* Date of establishment

* Committee

* Objective of Club

* Meetings’ details

* Finances

* IRS requirements

* Appendices

The club bylaw is usually under the Registrar of Societies jurisdiction.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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