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Combination Resume Template

With the myriad of jobs and professions today, a graduate can pick more than one area of specialization in his studies. He can combine business with IT which is a favorite combination option today as most businesses use computers. This allows the graduate to use the benefits of the computer to enhance the business. A graduate can also combine accounting and business which is also another great combination option as all businesses require sets of accounts to monitor its cash flow.

Hence, a job seeker can be a graduate of any combination of discipline even including psychology and social science, healthcare and pharmacy, engineering and computing or communication and linguistics. There are so many different combinations of disciplines which make a graduate more dynamic and skilled in today’s educational offering. The more combination of disciplines the more diverse a graduate can indulge in and benefit the market.

Hence, a combination resume can state all the disciplines and related benefits of the graduate for a better projection of the graduate’s capability.

A combination resume template contains the following sections:

* Graduate’s Name & Address

* Personal contact information

* Education path information

* Knowledge and skills in combination of disciplines

* Academic Qualifications & Achievements

* Projects

* Work Experience

* Career & Personal Achievements

* Career Objectives

* Referees

A combination resume of a graduate allows the graduate a wider scope of professions with his wider knowledge base and skills.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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