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Committee Meeting Agenda Template

Committee meetings are important to track the progress of an assigned project as well as to provide an platform to discuss any outstanding issues with regards to the project.

The committee meeting agenda is essential to guide the meeting as all committee members are busy with the project. Hence, an agenda can ensure that no time is wasted unnecessary by futile discussion or topics so that the true matters can be deliberated and productivity can be achieved in the meeting.

The committee meeting agenda should be out earlier before the meeting so that its members/attendees can prepare for the meeting and enhance each member’s productivity.

The Committee meeting agenda template usually has:

* Meeting Name

* Meeting Number

* Date & Time of Meeting

* Committee Members

* Venue of Meeting

* Project Name

The body of the committee meeting agenda lists the items to be discussed and the assigned person of the items will prepare to report on the item for the benefit of the others in the meeting. These items can be placed on the table for further discussion and conclusions can be made to continue the development of the issue by the person(s)-in-charge.

Hence, the body of the committee meeting agenda can list:

* Issues for discussion

* News for updates

* Action By

There could be attachments to the committee meeting agenda where the members need to read and prepare before the meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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