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Committee Meeting Minutes Template

Committees are formed to monitor an assigned project with meetings to discuss any outstanding issues as well as the progress of the project. Meetings may take a lot of time if they are unorganized; minutes are important for follow up work after the meeting.

One should not leave the meeting room without taking ownership of some points of action as discussed in the meeting. The meeting minutes should come out in a day or two after the meeting to allow its attendees to continue with the necessary action as discussed in the meeting.

The Committee Meeting minutes template usually has:

* Meeting Name

* Meeting Number

* Date & Time of Meeting

* Committee Members Present/Absent

* Venue

The body of the committee meeting minutes records what has been transpired during the meeting:

* Issues

* Discussion

* Action By

The committee meeting minutes should record the different types of issues discussed with possible actions suggested to be followed up and the person(s) in charge of each action decided on each issue.

There may be reports of news or update of information by each committee member at the meeting which must be recorded in the minutes as the minutes are to list all the happenings at the meeting. This will give a true account of what transpired at the meeting.

The minutes should be signed off by the one who prepared the minutes and the authority who approved it for circulation.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.


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