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Communication Log Template

Communication is very crucial in a relationship. It keeps the relationship in good condition as parties involved express themselves openly. Many people do not know how to communicate properly and hence, need to undergo a practical communication course.

But when you understand the importance of good communication, you can practice it daily with the help of a communication log to remind you of the essential areas which you are to attempt.

A communication log template usually records:

* Person’s Name

* Period of Monitoring

* Facilitator

This type of log can be recorded at home, at work or at the training facility.

The body of the communication log records:

* Date of communication

* Time of communication

* Activity

* IEP Goal Areas


The above information keep track of how much communication is being exercised by the participant to achieve his goals in good communication.

The IEP Goal areas are:

* Social communication

* Emotional regulation

* Regular education

* Curriculum

* Literacy

* Numeracy

* Interaction with peers

These areas are used with each activity to evaluate if the skills of communication have been practiced and the level of effectiveness. Each area is meant to develop the participant’s communication skills so that he will be a more effective communicator.

Notes can be recorded by the facilitator on the participant with regards to the participant’s effectiveness in engaging the necessary skills and knowledge in producing effective communication in the respective areas.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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