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Community Form Template

There are many types of activities which one can perform to bless another, whether in the community, school, workplace or at home. However, when the good deed is performed outside the home or office, there is usually a form to be filled in for record and reference purposes. This is a good practice to prevent abuse of manpower or the goodwill of individuals or group who extend their hand of help.

Charitable organizations and public offices should employ this good practice of recording the volunteer help of the public in any event as a record of the activities they are involved in. It can be used as a track record for future and bigger events. A community form would be a helpful tool for such organizations which can showcase the response of the individuals and groups to its call for assistance in various activities planned.

A community form is to record the participant’s personal details as well as the type of participation that the participant is involved in. The form must be counter-signed by the sponsor or organizing authority in acknowledging the participant’s involvement.

A Community form template may include:

* Organization’s name and address

* Date of Event

* Participant’s details

* Name, age, address, contact information

* Participant’s involvement

* Project, role, time, date, venue

* Authorized personnel

A community form should be filled up at the end of the event and agreed by the participant as well as the authorized personnel.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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