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Community Letter Template

There are many types of letters that are written as a responsible resident of the neighborhood you live in. As you want to ensure a safe neighborhood for yourself, your family and other residents, there are times when you would need to write a community letter to the local authorities or companies to make a complaint or suggestion to improve the neighborhood.

It could be some persistent neighborhood problem such as frequent thefts or snatch thieves in the neighborhood. It could be some trees felling on some roads or potholes on the main roads.

As a responsible resident, you are obliged to write a letter on behalf of the community to inform the relevant authorities of the matter and request for some prompt corrective action to the action for the safety of the residents.

A community letter template is a useful tool for this task as there are many unforeseen activities that can disrupt the lives of the community in a neighborhood. Community letters can be written by community associations or committees to the local municipals for action.

You can change the contents of a community letter template easily for other matters.

A Community letter template may include:

* Sender’s name and address

* Authority’s name and address

* Date of letter

* Topic of concern

* Objective of letter regarding a community issue

* Potential dangers to residents

* Suggestions for solutions

* Appreciation of prompt action

* Salutations

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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