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Community List Template

A community can be very close knitted if there is an association or committee that fosters good relations amongst the residents in the neighborhood; this can be achieved with a community list that records all the residents in the neighborhood where personalized flyers and notices can be sent to bring the residents together.

A community list can be a simple database in a spreadsheet format where the resident’s name, address, contact number, community fund, membership information and personal interests are recorded. This will also enable the committee to plan relevant activities to foster better relations amongst the residents and the committee.

A community list template will allow such tabulation of residents’ data in rows; residents who move out of the neighborhood can be deleted while new residents can be included into the list easily.

A community list template is a useful tool for this task as there are many residents moving in and out of the neighborhood. A community committee can take charge to identify the newcomers and outgoing residents with community welcome/farewell letters from this community list. A community list template is very convenient for updates of residents’ information. A lot of healthy and relevant activities can be planned from the info on this list.

A Community list template may include:

* Neighborhood

* Date of Update

* Resident’s name and address

* Resident’s contact number

* Membership since

* Membership funds collection

* Interests

* Volunteer service

* Position

* Character

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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