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When the community lives in a close knitted environment, it is beneficial to have a community plan which give structure to the community’s existence. Just as businesses have good business plans to direct their businesses and stay focused on their operations, a community plan will direct the residents on their livelihood direction and focus through its committee.

A community plan will list out its committee members and roles played. It should list out the aims and objective of the community plan that can be executed during the crisis. There is an emergency coordinator who will take charge of the crisis by executing the community plan by contacting the relevant members.

For every risk situation, there is a risk score that will enable the committee to activate the right plan to overcome the crisis. Crisis could refer to power disruption, fire, bad roads, water supply disruptions and national calamities.

A community plan is designed and developed by the people of that community which fosters a strong relationship amongst the residents.

A community plan template can contain the following types of information:

* Community Name & location

* Aims & Objectives

* Committee members and roles

* Contact persons and numbers

* Types of crisis

* Risk score

* Crisis solution

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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