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Complaint Forms Template

A complaint is an important form of feedback to any individual or business that wants to improve. It should not be viewed upon negatively but positively as a complaint happens out of the dissatisfaction of the recipient of a service or product purchased.

Hence, a complaint should always been taken seriously and positively to help an individual or business to be better. It should be recorded so that a plausible solution can be found to act on the complaint and to avoid a repeat of the complaint.

A complaint form is a useful piece of document which allows the individual or business to review its service quality as well as identify its reception by the market. A complaint form holds much information that will move a business to greater heights of success if taken with humility and positivity.

A complaint form template may have the following information:

* Company Name

* Name & Address of Complainant

* Contact information of Complainant

* Date & Time of Complaint

* Issue Presented by the Complainant

* Complaint handled by

The above information needs to be recorded for the purposes of tracking, resolving and filing the complaint.

The complaint form can be quite detailed in its design to ensure that no important information is missed out, such as:

* Description of complaint

* Suggested Solution to complaint

* Confirmation of Solvency of complaint

* Reaction of Complainant to suggested solution

* Avoidance of repeat of complaint

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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