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Computer Inventory Template

A computer is an important asset in today’s living, not just in a business. Hence, it is useful to have a computer inventory which can keep track of the technological equipment available to an individual or company.

A computer inventory allows the user to note the availability of the equipment and the status of the available inventory. This inventory lists allows the user to make better decisions on the computer inventory as advancing and new technologies will provide better computing opportunities to the user.

A computer inventory template header can record the following information:

* Item Name

* Item Serial Number

* Location of Item

* Purchase Date

* Purchase Price

* Model

* Warranty Number

* Comments

The computer inventory list can identify the various relevant information of any computer equipment. It can include related computer equipment such as printers, facsimile, hardware and software that are used in the computers.

The location column allows the user easy access to the equipment while the warranty number assists the user in repairs. The Comments column allows the user to note any special points about each computer inventory so that further action can be taken to enhance the user’s experience with the computer equipment.

It is recommended that as new computer equipment is purchased or acquired, its details should be quickly recorded into this computer inventory sheet to keep track of its existence and performance.

Thus, the user will not be making multiple purchases when he refers to this list.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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