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Computer Repair Invoice Template

No one today will dispute the impact of a computer in our life. It has become an important asset in today’s living, in business as well as in individual’s life.

But a computer is a machine. It is prone to breakdowns; hence, it is necessary to send it for repair at times if you are not the technically skilled personnel to make the repairs. Repairs are usually charged as there is not only the labor charge; there may be component changes to the computer.

A computer repair invoice will list out the repair works performed on the computer to confirm the changes done on your computer. It could be a faulty cable or USB port; it can be a hard disk crash that requires reformatting or saving of important data.

Some computer repairs can take a few days while others can be performed within the day, depending on the needed repair.

A computer repair invoice template will list out the following information:

* Repair Company Name & Address

* Customer Name & Address

* Customer’s Contact number

* Date of Send in

* Date of Delivery

* Items noted for repair

* Diagnosis of problem

* Items repaired

* Computer Information

* Components changed

* Quantity

* Description of components

* Unit Cost

* Line Total

* Labor Charge per hour

* Total Labor charge

* Total repair cost

A computer repair invoice is issued for prompt payment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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