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Confidentiality Statement Template

There are many happenings in life that require confidentiality. It is a necessity to keep certain information confidential to protect certain parties. It can be a will where the issuer requires the confidentiality of the legal parties and the witness until his death. A confidentiality statement is usually issued to ensure that no piece of information will be disclosed unnecessarily or before the due time.

Celebrities usually have confidentiality statements for their workers to avoid their privacy being publicized. A confidentiality statement is a written agreement between two parties that no information of one party (usually the issuer) will be disclosed or manipulated in any way by the other party without the consent of the first party. If a breach of the confidentiality statement happens, the party at fault can be sued or is obliged to make proper compensation.

A confidentiality statement can be very wordy as it lists out all the terms and conditions of the agreement between the two parties. It will state the personal details of the two parties and the areas of confidentiality as well as the consequences for any breach of trust.

A confidentiality statement template will contain the following information:

* Legal company Name & Address

* Involved Parties’ Personal details

* Date of Statement issued

* Subject of confidentiality

* Terms and condition of confidentiality

* Consequences of breach of trust

* Date of enforcement

* Agreement to effect the confidentiality statement

* Signatories

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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