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Construction Proposal Template

Construction is heavy industry where skilled workers are required at some building job. As building jobs are very dangerous with lots of safety factors involved, any building job or project should seek the best contractor. Hence, a construction proposal is deemed very necessary to ensure an excellent and safe job so that the building will not collapse in the future.

A Construction proposal will list the construction company’s background, skills and experiences. It would need to state the previous construction projects undertaken and their success. Testimonies and references are necessary to give the construction company the credit to be considered for the proposed job.

A construction job can be quite time consuming; hence, the work schedule should be listed for all parties’ reference. If possible, work-in-progress schedule should also be listed to avoid disputes of work completion and responsibility obligations in the future.

A construction proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Construction Company’s Name & Address

* Construction Company’s contact information

* Background of Construction Company

* Proposed construction strategy for the project

* Availability of Resources and Skills

* Project schedule

* Work-in-Progress schedules

* Payment terms & conditions

* References

The amount of information in a construction proposal depends on the recipient; a big client will want more references and details showcasing the construction company’s skills and capability. The construction company may need to make changes to the proposal until the customer is satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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