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Consultant Proposal Template

A consultant is a professional who offers his skills, advice and expertise to his clients for an improved performance of his business or personal development.

A consultant proposal lists the reasons for the client to choose to engage the consultant for advice and assistance. A consultant usually is a very skilled and knowledgeable professional in a particular field of study. A consultant would be a very experienced individual who has enjoyed success in his area of expertise and in his consulting career with other businesses.

A consultant proposal will state the background of the consultant for the client’s benefit. It should also outline the client’s business and the areas which the consultant will identify and improve on. The proposal should also list the resources and objectives of the business project, such as enhancing strategies, improving communication skills, identifying problems, solving problems and updating skills and knowledge.

A consultant proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Consultant’s Name & Company Address

* Consultant’s contact information

* Background of consultant and his company

* Objectives of consultancy

* Availability of Resources and Skills

* Meeting schedules

* Work-in-Progress schedules

* Measurement of Success

* References

The consultant must be well versed with the business he plans to undertake in order to recommend and identify issues, problems and solutions to improve the business.

He should also be updated with business strategies and technologies that may be beneficial to the client’s business.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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